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Why Feng Shui?


The high-paced, high-tech, Western world is experiencing a revival of Feng Shui, in part because the human soul thirsts and yearns for reconnection with nature and her natural rhythms and currents.  Applying Feng Shui helps to merge that connection, which brings us to a place of both inner and outer peace.  In essence, changing your space to a peaceful place inspires peace in you and in others, which in turn contributes to the greater goal of universal peace.




As substantiated by modern physics, all things are made up of energy that is in constant motion.  Feng Shui is the art and science of placement that understands and directs the flow of energy in our living and work spaces.  In so doing, it can help overcome negative or blocked energy and enhance the flow of positive, beneficial energy.

The intention of Feng Shui is to provide maximum harmony and balance.  When that is achieved, prosperity, good health, and happiness show up in the lives of the inhabitants.  Through the esoteric methods of adjusting the arrangement of home or office sites, energy is shifted, making way for positive energy to manifest.  

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