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Lucky's Advice For This Month:


Pay Attention To Your Intentions.

Thoughts and words are  powerful tools to use when it comes to Feng Shui... and life. The vibration of your thought forms can be raised by your positive intentions when placing an object in a certain place in your environment. This also works by using mindful dialog and interactions with other beings. Think before you speak. Are your words helpful or hurtful? Yes, it does matter all the time. The most powerful words  and thoughts are of love. Be loving with every thought, word and action. Think of it as an art form you are perfecting.


To start with the Feng Shui process -clear clutter first. Let go. Recycle. When you clear the clutter - it helps with the shift tremendously. You are making it easy to obtain your desires by this, sometimes, unglamorous task. Then clean with good thoughts as you make changes and, of course, physically clean the  space.

You can clear the air with a drop or two of lavender essential oil with a pinch of salt in a spritzer bottle of water. The energy will turn all sparkly. You will feel more together and less scattered when you have put the childrens' toys away, and your toys, too. Your back relaxing will be the first sign that you are on the right track. You will breathe easier, too. A smile will appear on your face as you look around at your new world.  When clients, their customers, patients and children mouth the words, "It feels good here now," I am assured that all is going well with the Feng Shui process. Then, I know that the energy is flowing like a beautiful clear blue river. 


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