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Feng Shui’s origins trace back to Tibet, over four thousands years ago.  The teachings spread throughout Asia and India, gathering influence in China.  Emperors and those in power kept its knowledge a secret to gain advantage and good fortune.  Feng Shui was used for planning palaces, royal burial sites, and whole cities.

Feng Shui was forced underground when the Communist party came to power in China.  It slowly resurfaced and migrated to the West.  Feng Shui has now gained acceptance in the United States as both an art and a science.

Lucky was first introduced to Feng Shui in 1986, when she was presented a book on the subject from a friend, who told her, “This is what you have been doing naturally all your life.”  Even as a child, Lucky would rearrange the family home and design play houses.

Lucky immediately felt at home with the concepts of Feng Shui and began experimenting with them with great success.  It became the natural next step, adding to her training and background in architecture, art and design.  Lucky studied Feng Shui under the disciples of Lin Yun, one of the most respected masters of the art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui experts are trained in this oriental art of placement, but some have a keener, more developed sense of awareness about their environment and how to make it feel good.  Lucky’s natural insight and skill guide her to discover and rectify undetected negative or draining energy fields. This awareness, along with her full understanding of Feng Shui “cures,” can shift the energy of a dwelling or site to a harmonious vibration in a truly special and effective way.


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