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Quotes From Various Publications


"(Lucky) Lefty White is Atlanta's leading authority on Feng Shui."
From the guide book Ultimate Atlanta / Atlanta's Best Professionals & Businesses by Tammy Stokes.


(Lucky) Lefty White , a Feng Shui consultant has worked with several metro area businesses. "For a while, people didn't know what I was talking about and a few years ago it just blossomed," she says, noting that Feng Shui has become popular because people are looking for ways to relieve stress, live healthier and boost profits.
From Atlanta Woman magazine. The Leader Publishing Group, Inc. July/August 2003.


Learn to live in a peaceful setting through Feng Shui with (Lucky) Lefty White . From Jezebel Magazine, March 2002.


"A fountain in the home environment is particularly beneficial to harried, landlocked Atlantans", said (Lucky) Lefty White , Feng Shui consultant and interior decorator.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Home & Garden Section, Cover Story: Fountains: Watering Down Stress by Connie Green Freightman. Thursday, March 14, 2002.


Howard hired Georgia Feng Shui designer, (Lucky) Lefty White , to create the new spa space. White's design includes Zen garden, fiber-optic mood lighting, Asian artifacts, and select pieces of Howard's own abstract artwork.
From Ann Arbor Observer. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Title: A New Home for Bellinina Day Spa. September 2002.


Even Coca-Cola let it be known last month on the front page of The Wall Street Journal that they had a Feng Shui consultant help them with their headquarters, on the recommendation of their Asian bottlers.
From The Piedmont Review. Title: The Etiquette of Feng Shui by (Lucky) Lefty White . November 2000.


To create harmony in your home or business consult with (Lucky) Lefty White , who practices this Asian art that promises to improve your life.
From Atlanta City Mag. Title: The 2000 Millennium Guide by Alice Welsh Doyle. January 2000.


Feng Shui consultant, (Lucky) Lefty White , worked with Darla Mesnick to improve the flow of Chi, or energy in her home. "Sometimes it sounds crazy" said Darla," but we really know it works and we've seen such big differences in our lives from using Feng Shui."
from Atlanta Real Estate, Schroder Publishing. Title: Unlocking the Energy Within: Ancient Art of Feng Shui Brings Balance to Homes, Lives by McKenzie Wren. February 1999.


Find out more at the Atlanta Home Show by attending a seminar on Feng Shui, (Lucky) Lefty White will share her knowledge and provide helpful tips on living harmoniously with your environment.
From Atlanta Magazine. Title: The Key To Home or Office Stress Relief. The Eastern Art of Feng Shui. October 1998.


"It's the Feng Shui," explains Peggy McClachey, giving credit to Feng Shui consultant (Lucky) Lefty White .
From Atlanta Journal. Weekend Section. Food Simple by Elizabeth Lenhard. Friday, April 17, 1998.


"One good reason for its current popularity is the obvious fact that our surrounding environment has been severely manipulated by man and, therefore, vastly changed from its natural origin", White said. "another good reason for its rebirth is the legendary ability of the Feng Shui practitioner to bring good fortune to their clients through esoteric methods of adjusting the arrangements of their home or office."
From The Environmental Times. Title: Feng Shui Interior Design Changes Energy, Finances. October 1996.


"It's hard to put my finger on what happened, but I can't deny something happened here," said Newton. "My life has really changed."... White spent two hours consulting with Newton and making suggestions, then returned a month later to "tweak things" into final position.
From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. City Life Section, cover story. Title: Going With The Flow: Designer Keeps Chi Channel Always in Mind-Feng Shui Business Offers Happier Life Through Decorating Tips For Energy Flow by Tinah Saunders. Thursday, September 5, 1996.


At the Galleria Mall, shop owner Lynn Babcock gets pointers from consultant (Lucky) Lefty White .
From Marietta Daily Journal. Business section. Title: Good Vibes: New Business Focuses on Energy by Stephanie Sonnenfeld.


Feng Shui consultant, (Lucky) Lefty White , helps clients create harmony in their homes.
From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Home & Garden Section. Title: House Smart: More Atlanta decorators go with the flow of Feng Shui by Susannah Vessey Rauscher. 1997.



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