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Bellanina Day Spa attributes much of its success to hiring Lucky White to “Feng Shui” the building before they began construction. From the red front door to the Zen Garden in the back, a theme of calmness and serenity remind people to relax the body and renew the spirit. Owner, Nina Howard says that when people walk into Bellinina, their stress just melts away. I hear this time and time again from our clients. People feel that this place is magical.

Bellanina Day Spa has surpassed all expectations. In its third year of operation, it received the  2006 National Distinguished Day Spa of the Year Award, given by the Day Spa Association.

Nina Howard, Owner
Bellanina Day Spa
Ann Arbor, Michigan




Lucky White worked with me to create an inviting and productive office space. She helped me select colors that were appealing and stimulated creativity. Lucky has a keen eye for composition, and she worked with me to position the furniture in a way that resulted in an attractive and highly functional use of the space. We paid attention to some special things that would attract abundance and prosperity.

The end result is that my business almost doubled within a year. I attribute much of the success of my business to Lucky. She’s a gifted energy worker and Feng Shui Consultant. I highly recommend her to others who want to take their business to the next level!

Deb Weiler, MCC, MA, SPHR
Executive Certified Coach
President, FASTLANE Coaching
Atlanta, GA




Two years ago, my world turned upside-down when I got downsized after 12 years in corporate America. I moved to a new home and had Lucky perform her Feng Shui talents there, since she had done the same with my first home. What a difference it truly made in my life. I started my own successful full-time business as a Professional Organizer, which created a stable financial situation once again. Also, I was reunited with an old childhood sweetheart, and we plan to be married in a couple of months!

Meeting Lucky has truly been life changing. I encourage everyone to experience her sincere warmth and passion for enhancing all areas of your life with her gift of Feng Shui.

Lauriann Davies
Atlanta, GA




I chose Lucky by doing a search on the internet. When I came to her information and web site, I instantly knew she was the person I was to contact. I am one to recognize and follow spirit─I have no doubts that I was divinely guided to call on Lucky for her assistance in setting the energies perfect for the wellness center I was creating in Lawrenceville.

Long before the Serenity Lakes Wellness Center came into existence, Lucky worked her Feng Shui magic with her extraordinary sense of intuition and skill in the art of Feng Shui. We set my office up as the pivotal point for both the building and the property. Few people pass through the doors of my office without commenting on how wonderful it feels. Now, the entire center and property have the same wonderful feeling. The center is now open and quickly becoming very successful in the Atlanta area.

Thank you, Lucky, for all your wonderful talents, gifts, love and compassion.

Debbie McDermott, Owner & Director
Serenity Lakes Wellness Center
Lawrenceville, GA




Gates have opened up, business has turned around and new clients were drawn in after the first consultation with Lucky. I wouldn’t make any major decisions, personal or business, without consulting with Lucky first. And that’s the truth.

Anita Wellons, Realtor, REO
and Investment Specialist
Global Brokers
Atlanta, GA




Lucky, I am writing you this, because you and the application of the Feng Shui suggestions you gave me have truly changed my life for the better! When I met you, my company was not moving forward, I was unhappy on my job, and my love life was nonexistent.

When you came to my home, I knew I was in for a treat. But, I do not think I had any idea of the possibilities that awaited me three months after your consult.

After your consultation and suggestions, I knew that, with faith, if I would apply your suggestions, things would open up and my life would change for the better. Well, it has. My company is embarking on a 14-million dollar project, I have left my pharmaceutical sales job to pursue growing my real estate development company, and I have met and am in deep like with a wonderful man! All of this happened in less than 3 months! I guess you are truly LUCKY after all! Thank you so much for your knowledge and peace. The world is a better place with people like you in it.

Shay Williams, CEO
LaShay Properties, LLC
Atlanta, GA




Lucky is the greatest. She came to my home and completely helped me bring back the harmony and peace I so desired. Lucky is very knowledgeable about Feng Shui. She provided solutions and suggested various Feng Shui cures. In addition, she assessed each room and gave her expert opinion. I would highly recommend Lucky.

Paris Love
Organize with Love
Atlanta, GA




Lucky, just wanted to let you know we are lovin’ it! Ahhh . . . it is like working in a tree house. We look forward to working with you again!

Renee Sabol, Co- owner
Atlanta, GA




I first involved Feng Shui and Lucky with my residence because I felt stuck. After the consultation, I made the changes Lucky suggested. I was thrilled with how quickly my life opened up. That is why I brought her back in when I decided to do a massive renovation and addition to my home. 

Lucky helped me feel grounded in my space and enabled me to see the project as a whole. Her feminine perspective and practical suggestions were very helpful in solving problems that came up during construction. 

Egos can often get in the way of progress. As my advocate, Lucky was able to communicate my intentions from a design perspective without her own ego getting in the way. Lucky always kept my best interests as her focus when dealing with the architect’s plans and development.

Lily Frielander
Renovation of Private Residence
Atlanta, Georgia




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